Phoenix Renewable Technologies installed a 15.54kWp Solar System at Park Farm in Crewe.

The system consists of 84x Perlight PLM 185/24 Panels and 3x Fronius IG TL 5.0 Inverters.

The system is projected to produce approximately 13,000kWh annually. A monitoring system was also installed to keep check on the energy been produced.

“The service from Phoenix Renewable Technologies was excellent from start to finish and they worked with me to ensure that the system conformed to our specifications. 
The installation was neat and professional and initial indications are that the system is more than capable of meeting the output predictions provided. 
I would readily recommend Phoenix Renewable Technologies to anyone considering a solar photovoltaic system.” Mr Lewis, Park Farm.

Below is a graph showing the estimated Energy Performance/Monthly Generation of the system and the actual amount of energy generated in the first four months:








Setting out anchors & rail.


 System Installed.

An article about this particular install was published in the Farmers Guardian. Follow the below link to read the article:

Farmers Guradian Article

Pheonix group